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About Us

Paul and Lynne and Sunnyside

We have been involved in farming one way or another most of our working life, firstly going to Dorset were we started up and ran a dairy farm.

Having returned to Bedfordshire we purchased a large farmhouse in Maulden and converted it to a B&B were we had great success for many years. Farming was still pulling at the heart strings and an offer of a large cornfield came up in Lidlington ... and as we like a challenge! Here we are today!

At the beginning this large cornfield had no water, electric or boundary fences, but a fantastic southern view over the Bedfordshire countryside, thus the first step in naming South view farm.

Paul and Lynne's first venture steered to sheep farming, producing high quality lamb, also ewe's milk products such as Golden Fleece Yogurt. The declining price of British Lamb forced us to change direction and missing the morning (mooo ning) we then went back to cattle and calf rearing and started a new venture, our free range egg business.

This was the start of SUNNYSIDE free range eggs.

Our daughter Lucinda, who had been training at college in equine studies and competing her horses, wanted to contribute to and work from the farm, bringing another change to South view farm (Sunnyside).

Selling the sheep and cattle to make room for a new exciting venture, Sunnyside competition and training livery.

Lucinda is now an international and national showjumper, trainer and coach is a great asset to the family business.

With past experience in B&B and hospitality Paul and Lynne wished to share the tranquil beauty of South view farm, so we decided to design and build these stylish modern lodges for you to enjoy!